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Many home owners are not aware mineral deposits like calcium and magnesium will corrode and leave windows looking always foggy. Realtors agree that having clean windows during your open house creates brighter, more inviting rooms, and makes selling your home much easier as the visual value it adds to your home when it’s time to sell. However, hard water stained windows and depending on the severity will leave windows always looking foggy.

The only company that deploys high speed buffers to clean your windows!

Most homeowners wrongly believe that window cleaning is optional.

I am here to tell you, windows corrode and rust just like steel. They become etched and will suffer permanent damage if not cleaned at least once a year. After this period, any mineral deposits and contaminants left on glass become very difficult or even impossible to remove. The need for costly glass replacement can be avoided with regular cleaning of exterior windows. So protect your expensive investment!