Many home owners are not aware windows that are not cleaned regularly will degrade over time and rust just like steel. Hard minerals from sprinklers and cement run off will eventually...

Why Should I get my windows cleaned? 

Q. With all the window cleaning companies out there, they all boast their windows are the best.
What makes you different?

​A. I cannot speak on the behalf of every window cleaning company, but...

We only offer one type of service and that is strictly window cleaning. we have a strong personal belief that the only way to achieve perfection is to only do one thing and only one thing and why we do not offer power washing or gutter cleaning.

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The only company that deploys high speed buffers to clean your windows!

Most homeowners wrongly believe that window cleaning is optional.

Windows corrode and rust just like steel. Unlike a car where its bare metal is protected from corrosion by paint and clearcoat, windows have no protective layer from contaminates, are porous, and will experience chemical changes to the glass where nothing will restore the surface to its original condition. We only use the highest quality window cleaning products and each window cleaned is literally an 8-stage process! We don’t like to share our secrets because this is what puts us, head-and-shoulders clear and far above the competition. But Stage 1 begins with a prewash of your windows to minimize any chance of scratches. Somewhere along our special process, a high speed buffer is used to give your windows the incredibly special and long-lasting shine.

Here's the bottom line: the more contaminants and corrosion-causing mineral deposits removed, the more optimal clarity and shine, which conventional cleaning can never achieve. We focus on quality and our customers unanimously agree our windows are simply extraordinary!