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Q. With all the window cleaning companies out there, they all boast their windows are the best.

What makes you different?

I cannot speak on the behalf of every window cleaning company, but I am the only window guy that uses high speed buffers to remove all impurities. The reason nobody else does it is because of the cost factor and time it takes. I don't do as many houses as most, but I stress quality over quantity-our windows are very special. We've found that conventional squeegee and mop cleaning only works on windows that are done once a month. For windows that are done 1x or 2x a year, they really do need to be buffed out because of the baked on contaminants on windows. A buffer will definitely provide the best =results. An important consideration is any mineral deposits left behind and not removed will continue to corrode the windows and like molecules attract similar. Thus, the more mineral deposits removed, the cleaner they stay.

Q. We hear a lot of window cleaning companies use Dawn Dish Soap, how come you don't use that? 

A. Dawn and Joy have been used for years by many window cleaning companies. The reason we don't use dish soap is because it leaves a sticky film on your windows, which attracts more dirt and absorbs more light. Our window cleaning solution is the best and does not leave a sticky film, does not attract as much dirt, and is more reflective because it does not absorb light. As a result our windows do stay cleaner longer and not uncommon for home owners to be able to go 1 year between cleanings rather than the conventional 2x a year. We do recommend exterior to be cleaned 2x a year as mineral deposits left a year or longer can result in hard water stains.

Q. How much do you charge per window? 

A. Excellent question. It really depends on the job. I personally go out and inspect each window. I try my best to align our prices with what others charge and I have prices to meet everybody's budget. Most window cleaning companies will charge anywhere between $9 to $10 per window. It really depends on the condition of the windows and the last time they were cleaned. I have seen many that already have hard water stains.

Q. How many houses does your company schedule a day? 

A. Excellent question. We only schedule one window cleaning job per day. Our focus is to achieve the highest level of quality and we use no fewer than 3 chemicals on each window. Yes it is more time consuming but the results are unbelievable. We are definitely not the fast food of window cleaning companies, our focus is to ensure your windows are just as good as the day you installed them. That said, we don't schedule 5 homes a day, our focus is to make sure the windows not only look clean but are actually very clean.

Q. If there is a special holiday coming up, can your company come out on the day before to clean our windows?   
A. This is an excellent question. We get callers all the time wanting to do a last minute cleaning because they are afraid rain will dirty them up. I will argue that if you use the right products and with our buffing, windows will stay clean regardless how many times it rains. That said, our regular customers often have us come by 2 to 3 weeks in advance sometimes even a month out. Our windows really do stay cleaner longer and not uncommon for them to stay clean even after 7 months.

Q. How come you do not advertise heavily on Google like your competitors?   
A. Generally speaking we only rely on "word of mouth" business. Yes we do accept internet leads and we will take them but for the most part the bulk of our customers come from referrals. We also don't do paid Ads on Google because we only schedule 1 house a day so we can devote our attention to detail. 

Q: If I don't clean my windows regularly what will happen?  
A. Much of what happens to glass is so gradual that one does not often see anything wrong with the window that mere cleaning won't resolve. It is not until the window is washed and the haze remains, that the damage is noticed. Window glass is abused by chemical attack almost every day. Air pollution, acid rain, automotive exhaust, salt from street during winter, dust and air-borne grit, hard water deposits, corrosive cleaning chemicals and the deposits of brick, concrete and mortar can haze, erode, etch and pit glass on thousands of windows on thousands of buildings daily! Whether it is the build-up of chemical deposits or the etching of the glass by corrosive materials and minerals, the result is the same, optical distortion, hazing and clouding! Over a period of time, the glass can distort to the point where one can no longer see distinctly through the glass or the glass becomes so clouded that even sunlight is greatly filtered and diffused.

Q. What does it mean when a window glass is etched? 
A. Surface deposits and etching of the glass can be perceived as cloudiness or hazing. This cloudiness occurs because the light is refracted irregularly as it passes through the hazed glass. This refracted light appears to the human eye, without magnification, as a general whitening or haziness of the glass. Stage 1 Corrosion can be restored, Stage II corrosion often cannot.

Q What is Stage I corrosion?    
A. Stage I corrosion is usually minimal and can be buffed out using special mineral deposit removers 

Q What is Stage II corrosion?   
A. Stage II corrosion is usually not correctableand there has been a complete breakdown of some of the oxygen molecules in the silica component. This is when the mineral deposit is no longer on the surface of the glass. The deposit has started to break down the molecular structure of the glass. This is evident when you remove the surface stain and etching or white hazing appears. This is glass literally "falling apart" Once Stage II corrosion exists, there is nothing the professional cleaner can do effectively to restore that glass. 

Q. We hear many window cleaning companies use scrapers or razor blades to clean windows?    
A. Window cleaners and builders alike realize that construction deadlines require the most efficient methods and why they use scrapers. Metal scrapers, which won't scratch uncoated glass when properly used, have long been the standard and most practical method for removal of debris such as paint, adhesives, or stickers from uncoated glass. However, if microscopic fabricating debris defects are present, they can be dislodged and trapped by a scraper during window cleaning. The result will be scratches caused by fabricating debris, not scrapers.   

Q Does your company use Scrapers?   
A. No we absolutely do not use scrapers. A lot off Window cleaning companies do because time is money and the longer they are at your home, the less money they make. Again, using scrapers is the most practical method to remove paint, adhesives, or stickers from glass but we use alternate methods that do take longer but are safe.  

Q. You mention "Fabricating Debris," what does that mean?   
A. Fabricating debris are microscopic abrasive defects which also include glass fines and usually invisible to the naked eye. Larger or more numerous defects can sometimes be felt, or a gritty sound may be heard when a scraper moves over a clean surface, but there is no reliable field test method to confirm the absence of these microscopic defects. 
When tempered glass gets scratched, issues of profit, liability and customer satisfaction emerge. Builders are urged to challenge their suppliers to provide quality tempered glass which, like common annealed glass, will not scratch when cleaned with a properly used scraper. "Fabricating debris" refers to abrasive microscopic defects, including glass fines, which may become fused to heat treated glass as it contacts rollers in some tempering furnaces. These scratches originated where a moving scraper encountered a fabricating debris defect. Scrapers do not scratch glass.    

Q. How many hours are you on site?  
A. Most window cleaning companies are on site 3 to 4 hours, but you can figure we will be on site probably close to 8 hours. We are definitely not the fast food of window cleaning but if you are looking for high quality and windows that not only look clean but stay clean it takes time.